The Ephemeral Notebook


The personal blog of Aaron Matthew – game designer, thinker, programmer, dreamer, architect, and philosopher.   I am currently consulting for game companies wishing to expand their reach into social media (social networks, interconnecting asynchronous play models like iPhone gaming with their servers / world, etc).  My recent research and experience is mainly in collective intelligence, cross-media integration, MMO design and economics, social networks, data mining, and application/game design (usability).

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If you are into similar things or are looking for someone to talk about such matters with, I’d love to hear from you!

Many things share this blog currently:

  • Journal Entries, Ideas and Rants
  • Tatha – a pen-and-pencil RPG I’m working on right now
  • Soon some info about my Vaudeville project (collaborative storytelling and more)

I post my Flash/Flex stuff over at: